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Watch: Rashida Jones Proves Her Job Skills To Chris Messina In Clip From 'Celeste And Jesse Forever'

by Benjamin Wright
July 30, 2012 1:44 PM
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Rashida Jones made a pretty significant splash at this year’s Sundance, co-writing and starring alongside "Saturday Night Live" alum Andy Samberg in the romantic dramedy “Celeste and Jesse Forever.” We were among many who gave the film a pretty solid recommendation, calling it a “charming tale of romance and heartbreak in the vein of 'When Harry Met Sally,' ” which is probably about as a high of praise as possible for a film of this sort.

Well a new clip has made its way to the web hot on the heels of last week’s promotional unload, highlighting the sort of witty charm the film carries throughout. After Celeste and Jesse (Samberg) decide to maintain a friendship following their divorce (a daunting task by any measure), they both pursue/are pursued by other people. This particular scene shows Jones’ character Celeste leveling her potential suitor Paul (Chris Messina) after a desperate attempt by the trust fund boy to ask her on a date. Jones cites him for being a rich kid who’s watered down his expensive tastes in order to make himself look more like a common man in our current financial climate, proving Celeste can clearly see right through him.

The film boasts a notable ensemble besides Jones and Samberg, with Ari Graynor, Eric Christian Olsen, Rob Huebel, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, and the film’s co-writer Eric McCormack stopping by as well. “Celeste & Jesse Forever” opens in limted release this Friday, August 3rd.

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  • PETE | July 31, 2012 2:09 PMReply

    Was there a laugh line in there somewhere? Why would they release this as a promo clip? I love Rashida Jones, but that clip was just obnoxious.

  • No | July 30, 2012 2:47 PMReply

    Are we suppose to believe that she has that kind of powers of perception? That as a trend forecaster she can immediately look at someone and read their CV?

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