Michael Fassbender, Ridley Scott, prometheus

Now that we're promised sci-fi violence, some intense images, and a smattering of brief language, 20th Century Fox is now ramping its “Prometheus” marketing into overdrive to try and ensure an audience sees the damn thing. Not that the film's smart campaign hasn't been incredibly satisfying thus far, but that's exactly why a new TV spot and featurette revealed today might still pique your interest.

While the 30-second TV spot wisely distills the main plot down to its essence, focusing on its “Alien” imagery and naïve-explorers-charting-unknown-territory aspect, the featurette is able to be much more in-depth. Entitled “Origins,” the two-minute clip, which features interviews with Ridley Scott and writer Damon Lindelof, explores Scott's interest regarding life in the universe coupled with man's need for discovery. Cast members Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender speak as well, bookending new glimpses of footage featuring both, and they also expound upon the film's themes and ideas that recently have given Guillermo del Toro so much strife.

Obviously, those looking to go into “Prometheus” unspoiled should stay away, as both items explicitly outline the film's basic storyline, but based on the repeated footage as well as Scott's wonderfully coy hints, there should be plenty to discover when the film opens June 8th. [Yahoo/ComingSoon]