Rob Zombie Charlie Sheen

Well, he sure knows how to pick 'em. After doing an ad for Woolite last year, Rob Zombie has followed it up with another creepy spot, but this time, perhaps more appropriately, for Amdro Ant Block. Clint Howard stars doing his usual deranged schtick in a typically Zombie-esque grimy setting, playing a serial killer of ants or something. It's pretty clever all around, and kudos to the guy at the agency who thought of ringing up Rob to do this.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen continues on the comeback trail, locking in another ad that riffs on his recent troubles. This time it's for Bavaria non-alcoholic beer and it finds a post-rehab Sheen climbing up the wall for some sudsy brew, only to find relief in the 0.0% brand. It's a fun little spot, and is that really an f-bomb in there? As a bonus, we've thrown in Sheen's DirecTV spot that made the rounds last month in case you missed it -- it's pretty good. [STYD/AdRants]