A Night In Old Mexico

Nearly a decade in the making, Robert Duvall had stuck with "A Night In Old Mexico," which reteams him with "Lonesome Dove" scribe Bill Wittliff, for years. And now the result of that patience can be seen by all with the first trailer for the movie now available with just a click below.

Co-starring Jeremy Irvine, Jim Parrack and more, and directed by Emilio Aragón, the film tells the story of Texas rancher Red Bovie who teams with his estranged grandson, and hits the road in his Cadillac, for one last wild adventure filled with guns, women and booze before facing retirement and a trailer park. Basically, it's an excuse for Duvall to go full ornery, cranky and salty, and frankly, that's probably as good a reason as any to give this one a shot.

"A Night In Old Mexico" opens in theatres and On Demand on May 16th. And check out our interview Duvall at SXSW right here.