The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

There's ticking clock movies and then there's Robin Williams being given 90 minutes to live and running around Brooklyn like a maniac. Hilarious? Well, sit back because your afternoon just got a little bit brighter.

The first trailer for "The Angriest Man In Brooklyn" has arrived, and it might surprise you to learn that this is from director Phil Alden Robinson, the guy behind the underrated "Sneakers." It's also his first film in over a decade, with 2002's "The Sum Of All Fears" his previous foray behind the camera. Here, he's given the task of bottling Williams for a feature length runtime, in a remake of the Israeli film, “Mar Baum,” about a dude whose bitter disposition takes a turn when he learns death is just around the corner.

Co-starring Mila Kunis, Melissa Leo, Peter Dinklage, Hamish Linklater and Richard Kind, you catch this starting on May 23rd.