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Watch: Run With 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Infographic & Video And Academy Award TV Spot; Film Banned In Kenya

by Kevin Jagernauth
January 17, 2014 9:44 AM
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The Wolf Of Wall Street

Notching 5 Academy Award nominations yesterday, Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf Of Wall Street" survived the controversy and has been embraced both by the industry and audiences, with the film heading toward $100 million domestic. Now the film is rolling out to various international territories this weekend, and a pretty slick campaign has been put together for the financial world bacchanalia.

Belgian designer Tom Muller and marketing company Glass Eye put together the Run With The Wolf campaign to help Universal Pictures International get the word out. It's pretty clever stuff, with an animated infographic detailing Jordan Belfort's various wheelings and dealings. There's is also a video version cut with dialogue from the film too.

However, not everyone abroad is embracing the very, very R-rated film. The United Arab Emirates cut 45 minutes from the movie rendering it mostly incomprehensible, and now All Africa reports that Kenya has banned the movie altogether. The Kenya Film Classification Board released this statement on Facebook (they really like caps lock):

There is a LIMIT to everything and we believe the Kenyan public deserves better. WOLF OF WALL STREET has been RESTRICTED. The film is NOT for sale, exhibition or distribution in KENYA. Violators shall be PROSECUTED. 

Anyhow,the party will continue for the movie elsewhere, particularly in the run up to the Oscars with Paramount unveiling a new TV spot to celebrate the film's nominations. So check that out, along with the Run With The Wolf campaign (via Live For Films) below. Update 1/18: Kenya Film Commission Board Corporate Communication Manager Evelyn Mbuni explains the ban on the movie. Watch below.

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