Prometheus Noomi Rapace

The anticipation continues to build for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," and with a bunch of footage unspooling for international journalists last week, we'll take whatever scraps of info we can get at this point. Images from the world of "Prometheus" continue to dribble online, and Scott himself has noted the film will run about two hours when it's all said and done. So with that mind, the Russian trailer for the movie has dropped online and yes, it's lots of stuff you've seen before along with some brief, mysterious bits of new scenes.

If anything, this Russian trailer reinforces that this "Prometheus" trailer is one of the best to land this year by any stretch. While many had hesitations about an "Alien" prequel/whatever-it-is, it's very clear that this is going to stand well enough on its own. Yep, we're still getting goosebumps watching this thing, so we're gonna stop talking and just let you dive right in. "Prometheus" opens on June 8th, watch below. [Twitch]