The Place Beyond The Pines Ryan Gosling

While the trailers and ads have rightfully focused on the intense drama of "The Place Beyond The Pines," what should also be known about Derek Cianfrance's upcoming film is that it's also quite funny in places. And this latest clip shows a bit of humor being added to what is an otherwise crucial bit of plotting.

In this scene, we see Ryan Gosling's lone rider Luke talk with his new partner in crime, played by Ben Mendelsohn, about how they are going to embark on a series of bank robberies. It's a pretty nice little sequence, much different than most movies with similar "planning" sequences, as there are no charts and diagrams, just a casual conversation. These are two guys who are confident they'll be able to pull off their plan, so it's easy for a couple of quick jokes to land as they wrap things up.

Don't worry, nothing spoilery below, so feel free to watch. "The Place Beyond The Pines" opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 29th, in select cities on April 5th and across the country on April 12th.