Gravity, Bullock

The theme of the fall seems to be survival. Tom Hanks will soon square off against a band of desperate pirates in "Captain Phillips" while Robert Redford will try to maintain against Mother Nature herself in "All Is Lost," but first up will Sandra Bullock in "Gravity." And her journey is perhaps most perilous of all.

Alfonso Cuaron's technically ambitious and visually audacious sci-fi thriller lands in theaters in just a few days, and the first clip is now online. Seemingly cut from a recent broadcast of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the scene shows Bullock's astronaut Ryan Stone desperately working on fixing something outside of a space station as dangerous debris comes hurtling her way. "Gravity" isn't the easiest movie to segment into clips, especially given how long some of the intense sequences play out, but this captures the mood that is only increased once you watch it on a ginormous screen.

"Gravity" opens on October 4th. Read our review here and watch the clip below along with a new TV spot. [Comic Book Movie]