Scarlett Johansson, Lucy

How does one describe Luc Besson's "Lucy"? Well, we'll just let Scarlett Johansson explain it herself. "I wouldn't say it's science fiction, but it's definitely a thriller," she told Darren Aronofsky in Interview magazine last fall. "I play a character who, throughout the course of the film, begins to use a greater and greater capacity of her brain." 

Okay, well points for an ambition we suppose and the first trailer is here to let us see how that concept plays out. ScarJo takes the titular role in this one, playing a woman, forced to become a drug mule, who finds the substances have entered her body instead, turning her into an unstoppable ass kicker. Shades of Bourne, perhaps? The film also stars Morgan Freeman and Choi Min-sik, best known as the protagonist of the original "Oldboy."

Watch the trailer below — "Lucy" arrives on August 8th.