Under The Skin

She might be kicking all sorts of ass as Black Widow in this spring's blockbuster "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," but Scarlett Johansson will be much deadlier (and sexier) in "Under The Skin." The sci-fi mindbender is headed to theatres soon, and after a series of tantalizing teasers, the first clip from the film has arrived.

Jonathan Glazer's brainy, visually sublime and ambitious sci-fi tells the story of an alien, disguised as a beautiful woman, who stalks men across Scotland. As you'll see in this clip, the man she picks up is amazed to be in the presence of such a gorgeous woman, but as you might guess, his evening won't end well. The scene is good indication of Glazer's approach which mixes his formal rigor with a guerilla style shoot that saw Johansson interacting with non-actors, as the actress and director tried as much as possible to get an authentic feeling out of the situation and characters.

"Under The Skin" arrives on April 4th. Watch below. [Digital Spy]