Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in "Neighbors."

"... we laughed until we ached. Then we laughed some more," Drew Taylor wrote in his review of "Neighbors" out of SXSW last month, and the buzz certainly is building about the summer comedy. Just a few days after a couple of red band trailers dropped for the movie, the first clip is here.

As you know, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne lead the movie as a young couple, with a baby, who move into a new neighborhood only to discover that right next door is a frat house. Soon enough, a war begins between the two. In this clip from MTV, we see the couple's attempts to reason with a school official (played by Lisa Kudrow) goes awry, and winds up with everyone trading headlines. It's amusing stuff, though obviously, raunchier material awaits in the film.

"Neighbors" opens on May 9th. Watch below.