Top Gun

All it takes is a look at the current stats for Tom Cruise's "Edge Of Tomorrow" to understand that these days, he's a much better sell overseas than he is at home. Domestically, the sci-fi action flick has pocketed a modest $75 million after two weeks in theaters. Abroad? $219 million. To those of you who say Cruise isn't a star anymore, you're simply looking in the wrong direction. Well, perhaps a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse might remind you of the charisma and draw Cruise once had, at last stateside.

The indie theater is gearing up to show five Tom Cruise movies in a row, all on 35 mm, on July 27th at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas. Oh, so what are the five movies? Well, the treat here is that they're not saying until you show up, so it could be anything. But this supercut trailer is likely pointing at what some of them could be. Will it be some of his artier fare like "Magnolia" or "Eyes Wide Shut"? Early efforts like "Risky Business" or "Top Gun"? Or blockbuster stuff like "War Of The Worlds" and "Minority Report"? There is a lot to choose from. What would your five be? Watch and tell us below.