Land Of The Lost

Yeah, we know. "Prometheus" is so two years ago, but after the Oscars last night and the extensive coverage that has followed, you might need a palate cleanser. And this is a good way to go.

Someone in the vast wilds of the internet realized that footage from Will Ferrell's ill-advised and kinda bad "Land Of The Lost" is not unlike scenes from Ridley Scott's sci-fi saga. So of course, the logical next step was make a new trailer for "Land Of The Lost," doing it shot-for-shot with the teaser for "Prometheus" and the results are pretty great actually. It's a clever re-edit and certainly makes that 2009 comedy look better than it has any right to. So turn off your brain for a minute if you're still in the midst of a post-Oscar hangover, and watch below. [Reddit]