Life Of Pi, Suraj Sharma

Well, this is a pretty easy way to do it. Want to sell your movie as life-affirming and soul stirring? Just slap some Sigur Rós and Coldplay on there and let it do the work. Of course, if you have a movie that already comes with some pretty breathtaking imagery, that certainly helps.

With its premiere at the New York Film Festival just days away, a rousing new international trailer for Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" has emerged with some new, non-boat footage. Notably, we see Rafe Spall who subbed in for Tobey Maguire, interviewing the older Pi Patel (Irrfan Khan), in a story that is presumably told through flashback. We then jump to newcomer Suraj Sharma as he journeys across the ocean with a 500-pound Bengal tiger at his side, in a film looks like a Terrence Malick wet dream on steroids. We just hope the movie itself isn't so crass in pushing every emotional button.

"Life of Pi" opens on November 21st in 3D. Watch below.