PHOTO Nicolas Winding Refn Says He's Listening To Thai Country & Western Music For 'Only God Forgives'

There a few people who boast working with both Stanley Kubrick and Nicolas Winding Refn, and one of them is cinematographer Larry Smith. Starting his career as the chief electrician on "Barry Lyndon," and then a gaffer on "The Shining," Smith became a cameraman on "Eyes Wide Shut" before moving on to work on a select number of movies as a cinematographer including Refn's "Fear X," "Marple: Nemesis," "Bronson" and the upcoming "Only God Forgives." Now, he's gearing up to make his directorial debut.

Smith will make his feature debut with "Trafficker," which as the title suggests, is a film set in the Vietnamese drug world. The script has been penned by Ken Kwek, who wrote the comedy/thriller "The Blue Mansion" which Smith also shot. Financing is currently being raised and location scouting is under way for the Aussie project that we presume will shoot next year once all the pieces come together.

Until then, check out a pretty solid sizzle reel of Smith's work, as well as an extensive interview with him about his work with Kubrick. [Deadline]