Bad Grandpa Spike Jonze Johnny Knoxville

“We had some really great footage that we just couldn’t include because it didn’t work with the story. A lot of things felt out, a lot of characters," Johnny Knoxville said last year about material cut from the hit "Bad Grandpa." "Spike Jonze played an old lady named Gloria. We had really funny stuff with Gloria but we couldn’t use it. Same with Catherine Keener, she played my wife and we couldn’t use that. There’s so much on the DVD and we are also doing a whole separate release next year with all the bits and how we made the movie, but I’m not sure how are we going to call it. We usually do 'Jackass 2.5' or 'Jackass 3.5,' so it might be 'Bad Grandpa .5.' ”

And well, true to his word, "Bad Grandpa .5" is coming, and yes, Spike Jonze—a longtime producer of the "Jackass" films—is in it. And it's pretty great. IGN has a deleted scenes which features Knoxville's Irving Zissman (who reveals in the scene how he got that name) visiting a sex therapist with Jonze's Gloria, and as you might expect, it quickly gets hilariously graphic. Butt talk is the central focus of the convo, but there are a lot of amusing asides and tossed off gags here too. It's well worth a quick moment.

"Bad Grandpa .5" is now available for download, or you can own it on Blu-ray starting on July 8th.