Spike Lee

This past week or so, it's been all about Spike Lee doin' work. The filmmaker launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next film last week, and faced immediate support and criticism for his efforts to crowdsource $1.25 million dollars, but he's been pushing forward with the enthusiasm he's known for. He's received high profile support and funds from Steven Soderbergh, dropped his list of Essential Films that he gives his students and has been spending a lot of time elaborating how his efforts are bringing a new audience to Kickstarter. But he may have reached a tipping point in defending his latest joint.

Yesterday, the filmmaker appeared on Bloomberg's "Smart Street," where host Trish Reegan gave what is probably one of the worst intros you can give a guest on a show. She doesn't waste a moment, starting the segment by claiming that there are calls for Spike Lee to end his Kickstarter campaign and doesn't waste a second in accusing the director of having the funds to finance the picture himself. No surprise that Lee doesn't react well, and he offers a heated defense of what he's doing. That's not to say that Reegan's criticisms are invalid, but there probably more constructive ways to get into that discussion without hanging your guest out to dry right from the start.

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey is the latest celeb to voice his support for Lee, releasing a little video where he explains his love for "Malcolm X."

There's just under three weeks to go on Lee's campaign as it crosses the $500,000 mark today. It's going to be a very interesting race to the finale.