Vampire Weekend Steve Buscemi

The pairing of Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend might not seem immediately organic, but as it turns out, bassist Chris Baio is distantly related to the actor. Small world. Anyway, they've used that connection to rope Buscemi into directing their upcoming concert webcast and to help get the word out, they've cut together a pretty amusing little promo.

In the five minute spot, we see Buscemi meeting the guys for the first time and proceeding to get off on the wrong foot immediately, mistaking which Chris he's related to, asking Rostam Batmanglij if he's the DJ (lol) and then grilling the group about the references in their songs and what they all mean. It's pretty amusing stuff, and best of all this is only episode one, which means there's probably a couple more on the way.

The concert will stream on YouTube/Vevo on April 28th. Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires Of The City streets on May 14th.