Steven Spielberg Laser Cats

Steven Spielberg has always preferred to balance the serious and the light-hearted, often alternating between heavier fare and popcorn entertainment from picture to picture (look no further than 2011's "War Horse" and "The Adventures Of Tintin"). And with the director currently in post on his dream project/Oscar bait "Lincoln," he's taken a quick breather from the sober historical flick to join Andy Samberg and Bill Hader for the "Saturday Night Live" digital short "Laser Cats 7." And the results are somewhat amusing, even if this laser cats thing is already kinda played out.

Airing last night, the short finds a game Spielberg joining Samberg and Hader to pitch the most epic "Laser Cats" yet to Lorne Michaels. And while it runs too long and isn't quite as surreal as the past installments, the nods to Spielberg's films are pretty funny (particularly the capper to "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind") and it's mostly just kinda nice to see the director willing to take the piss out of himself. Anyway, in case you were asleep or otherwise occupied, watch it below.