Game Of Thrones, Season 4 finale, The Children

Another season has wrapped on "Game Of Thrones," and HBO has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Simply put, it's the most successful show the network has ever produced, with the season finale bringing in 32% more viewers than last year, with a gross audience of 9.3 million. Damn. And it's just part of a Sunday night lineup that is unshakeable at the moment with "Veep," "Silicon Valley" and "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" all posting strong, steady numbers. That quality TV brings in an appreciative audience isn't new, but that doesn't mean even the most intense of dramas doesn't have its lighthearted moments.

And so Vulture has cut together a supercut of Arya and The Hound and the constant verbal slings and arrows they've thrown at each other, as they've traveled the Riverlands. Yes, they've survived side-by-side, but it's not like they enjoy each other's company. There are spoilers, so if you're still catching up with this season of "Game Of Thrones," look away, but fans should click below.