Man Of Steel, Henry Cavill

While we're still a way off from anything on the verdict for the actual movie, the marketing for "Man Of Steel" continues to be the best of the summer so far. Everyone on the Warner Bros. team is leaning on selling an epic experience and this latest TV spot is now different.

The key takeaway for any fans will be the snatches of new footage which feature Clark's Earth Dad played by Kevin Costner, his real dad played by Russell Crowe, and the menacing General Zod aka Michael Shannon. Superman screams in anger at one point, which is kinda weird, flies with Lois and holy shit, that looks like an alien shape laying some serious waste to a major metropolitan city which we presume isn't Smallville. In case you missed it over the weekend, a new banner poster arrived and Zack Snyder is calling this one his most "believable" movie yet.

"Man Of Steel" hits on June 14th.