The Cold Light Of Day Poster Edit

If Bruce Willis is your Dad in a movie, and he says he's just a business consultant for the government, chances are, he's probably something up to something else. But someone didn't tell that to Henry Cavill, who finds himself dodging bullets in Madrid in the first trailer for "The Cold Light Of Day."

The latest effort from "JCVD" director Mabrouk El Mechri follows a young American (Cavill) whose family is kidnapped on vacation in Spain. He’s got hours to find them, and unravels a government conspiracy in the process and also learns his Dad (Willis), actually works for the CIA. Together they've gotta square off against the villain, played by Sigourney Weaver. Roof jumping ensues. It's seems like a little B-movie thriller...and that's about it. It's ultimately hard to get too invested in a movie where chasing a briefcase around seems to be the main plot thrust, but we liked "JCVD" so we'll give it a whirl.

"The Cold Light Of Day" hits theaters on April 6th.