Hotel Transylvania

Last week we reported on the new teaser trailer for “Hotel Transylvania.” The only problem was that it was in Russian, although we did wonder whether that was possibly the only way you can make Adam Sandler tolerable these days.

Well, the English version of the trailer has dropped for the film, which also features the unique vocal stylings of Kevin James, David Spade, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Cee Lo Green and Steve Buscemi, and it has confirmed the suspicions we had watching the Russian version – Adam Sandler IS more annoying when you can understand what he’s saying. The treats here are definitely more to be had in the visuals, which we were more intrigued and excited by when we didn't know what the characters had to say. Maybe we'll just rent this and watch it on mute.

The film follows Sandler’s Dracula and his daughter voiced by Gomez (what a thoroughly irritating family that is) who run a swanky hotel for ghouls and monsters, as his world is turned upside down when a normal human comes to stay. See what happens next when the movie hits screens on September 21st. [via FirstShowing]