Turn Jamie Bell

Can wigs and muskets replace meth labs and Heisenberg? AMC is still trying to figure out what will fill the monumental gap left behind by "Breaking Bad." Oh sure, there's the Saul Goodman spinoff show but you can't put all your money on one horse. "Low Winter Sun" rode into the fall season on a wave of hype only to underwhelm, with its chances of a second season still hanging in the balance (and looking bleaker each day). But can "Turn" uh, turn things around?

The network has dropped the first teaser for the show and it brings together spies, action and history all in one place. Jamie Bell stars in the series, based on Alexander Rose’s “Washington’s Spies,” set in the summer of 1778, and focusing on New York farmer Abe Woodhull, who forms The Culper Ring with a group of childhood friends, who fight for America's independence. Honestly, there's just not enough here to chew on for us to have an opinion either way, but Rupert Wyatt ("Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes") directed the first episode, so we'll be watching anyway.

"Turn" will air next spring, though no exact date has been revealed. Watch below. [Deadline]