If it feels like you've been vaguely hearing about this movie forever, well, you have. First announced way back in the fall of 2010, with early footage leaking last spring, the first proper teaser trailer has arrived for "Metegol," the animated foosball movie you've been waiting for.

Improbably directed by Juan Jose Campanella, the man behind the excellent Oscar-winning thriller "The Secret In Their Eyes," the story follows Amadeo, who lives in a small town, who with the help of some table top soccer players that have come to life, embarks on an adventure to save his love Laura... from something, and learns about sportsmanship, or something. In 3D. Certainly, it's far beyond your average Hollywood far, so we're curious.

But with no U.S. distribution lined up, and given no one cares about soccer here, the chances of it landing stateside seem slim. But it opens in Argentina on June 20th, so watch below. [Vlicious!]