Sonic To The Wonder (skip crop)

Among the many visually stunning moments in Terrence Malick's "To The Wonder," there is one what will give viewers a bit of a pause -- it's the sight of a Sonic Drive-In. Yes, the fast food chain makes a quick appearance in the movie and it's a jarring reminder that the this is the first Malick movie to take place entirely in a contemporary setting, and hell, he makes it look beautiful. And whaddya know, he's gone ahead and directed an ad for the restaurant, and it's pretty shocking.

Yep, Malick has sold out to the corporate powers that be and put together this spot that combines his trademark music and visuals with some tasty burgers. But really, this is obviously a joke -- it's created by Brian Carmody and it made us laugh so watch below. "To The Wonder" hits on April 12th. Bonus round: A Brad Pitt narrated trailer from Rope Of Silicon.