John Landis Terry Gilliam skip crop

The German series "Durch die Nacht mit..." ("Into The Night") is the gift that keeps on giving. The show, which gets two artists together and then just shoots them as they hang out and talk over a single day, has already yielded a great episode featuring Harmony Korine and Gaspar Noé (which you can watch right here). And now, making another case that a U.S. broadcaster (IFC maybe?) should snap up the rights and bring it over stateside, the show that aired this summer featuring Terry Gilliam and Jon Landis has made its way online.

It's been banging around the web for a bit but missed our attention, and thanks to a helpful reader, we figure it might make a good weekend watch. And yeah, these two guys look like they're having a blast spending some time wandering around, and it's pretty great to be fly on the wall, so give it a look below.