Something In The Air Assayas

Oh to be young, in love and ready to the fight "the man." Fueled the spirit of May 1968, but set in the early '70s, and telling a semi-autobiographical tale, the latest from Olivier Assayas buzzes with the energy of those looking to change the state of the world, and you can get a peek of what he has conjured up in the first international trailer for "Something In The Air." 

Gilles (Clément Métayer), Alain (Félix Armand), Jean-Pierre (Hugo Conzelmann) and Christine (Lola Créton) lead a story that spans between England and Italy, and finds political ideals and artistic life aspirations clashing as these folks come of age. When we caught the movie in Venice we found it no less comeplling despite it's flaws, saying that while the characters aren't as well drawn as they could be, "there’s so much to like about the film," inlcuding the work of DoP Eric Gaultier, and the soundtrack with is filled with tunes by Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers and more.

"Something In The Air" hit TIFF last month and will screen at NYFF before opening next year via IFC Films. Take a look below and yes, it's NSFW because of boobs. [The Film Stage]