Skyfall Daniel Craig

It has been nothing but James Bond for the past couple of weeks, and with "Skyfall" finally making its way to theaters on Friday (stopping first tonight at the AFI Fest where it will be unspooled as their secret screening), here's one way you can catch up with all 22 previous 007 movies in one easy to digest two-hour sitting.

A crafty YouTube user has put together a supercut of sorts, "50 Years Of James Bond: The Movie." Starting with the first five minutes of "Dr. No," the video then cuts to minutes 5-10 of "From Russia With Love," 10-15 of "Goldfinger" and so on, all the way through the final five minutes of "Quantum Of Solace" (with adjusments made for timing, since they aren't all the same length). The goal is to show how the Bond template and character has endured -- perhaps for better or worse -- over the last 50 years.

Anyway, sit back and give it a spin below.