85th Oscars, Seth MacFarlane

Missed the 85th Academy Awards last night for some reason? Not into it? Just sort of put off by Seth MacFarlane's perennially self-satisfied and smug smirk? Perhaps you watched, but went to bed during the 6th hour when you knew there were still 45 nominations to go? We can't fault you either way, but in case you happened to miss the show -- the full list of winners is here -- or just got sick of how longwinded and or overly musical it was, you can watch the entire thing on Hulu. Hell, we won't even spoil it for you in case you missed it, but if you did, we warn you, it was long, erratically paced (slow and then hurried and then slow again) and the jokes were funny and then they weren't. Inconsistency was the name of the game.

Watch below and tell us what you thought overall. Do you have suggestions for how it can be improved? Or perhaps you already saw the show and just want to experience the whole shebang again. If so, good luck with that one.