Red Band Trailer MPAA

Wow, this is cool. The folks at Filmmaker IQ have put together a fascinating 15-minute video history of the best bit of movies: the trailers (click through for more supporting material). There's material on the very earliest trailers (100 years old last year, apparently), the more experimental trailers of the '60s (yes, everything really was experimental then) including an amazing one for “Dr. Strangelove,” and the rise of modern blockbuster trailers—which, just like the modern blockbuster itself, date back to Steven Spielberg's “Jaws.”

It also takes us right up to the latest in trailer technology, the “Inceptionbraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhm, and gives a shout-out to Don LaFontaine, one of the most recognizable trailer voices around: but not, sadly, to the other Mr “In A World...”, Hal Douglas, who passed away recently. Nevertheless, check it out—it's great. [via No Film School]