All Hail The King

After a couple days of feverish Marvel movie rumors, here's something from the comic movie studio that's real and concrete: a clip from their upcoming One Shot short, "All Hail The King."

Written and directed by Drew Pearce, the mini-movie finds Ben Kingsley back, reprising his role as Trevor Slattery, the boozy aspiring actor hired by Aldrich Killian to pretend to be the fearsome terrorist known as Mandarin. But as Tony Stark found out, the real man was mostly harmless, though his actions brought him mega celebrity. And as you'll see in the short, a reporter (played by Scoot McNairy) tries to find out who the real Trevor Slattery is as he sits in prison, but he'll have to cut through the man's growing ego first.

This clip is from the opening section and short, and it's a nice tease of what's sure to be a pretty loose and lively little extra.  "All Hail The King" arrives on the "Thor: The Dark World" home video release on February 25th. Watch below. [ScreenCrush]