The East Alexander Skarsgard Brit Marling

The risk of going undercover (especially in the movies) is that you can go so deep that you can't come up again. And that threat forms the crux of "Sound Of My Voice" director Zal Batmanglij's latest tale of infiltration, "The East." Only this time, it's coming with a zeitgeist-worthy twist.

Starring Brit Marling (who co-wrote the script), Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page, the film centers on a young woman who works for a private intelligence firm who is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist collective. The Anonymous-esque group targets high-profile corporations guilty of various moral, legal and ethical crimes, but soon, the young woman isn't sure what side she's on anymore. It certainly touches on a lot of buttons, and as we noted out of Sundance, it's going to be a conversation starter no matter what.

"The East" comes for justice on May 31st. Watch below.