Aftershock Eli Roth

Casting Eli Roth as a horny dweeb in South America is either genius or completely misguided, but either way, it's a bit of a switchup to see him as the victim of horrific carnage rather than the one dispensing it. And this new red band trailer for "Aftershock" doesn't hold back on the babes or bloodshed.

Roth stars and produced the flick, co-written by Latin-American filmmakers Nicolás López (who also directs) and Guillermo Amoedo, that uses the setting of the  February 27, 2010 Chilean earthquake to let a bunch of crazies run the street and terrorize some young people. This probably NSFW promo features severed parts, butts, no boobs, in a movie so clearly cranked into overdrive that by the time the big reveal comes at the very end, you're with it...or you're not.

The cast is rounded out mostly by unknowns, but Selena Gomez pops up briefly, so keep your eyes peeled. "Aftershock" will rumble in a theater near you on May 10th.