50 Years Of Bond

We've already run down our highlights and low points from Sunday night's Oscar ceremonies, but one thing we failed to mention was what a colossal missed opportunity the tribute to 50 years of Bond was. Highly publicized before the broadcast, the segment flopped, presenting a poorly cobbled-together montage overlaid with rather gaudy and cliche graphics, that failed to capture the journey the character has taken over five decades and what has made 007 timeless. Well, leave it to a 19-year-old film student from the Netherlands to show the Academy how its done.

Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. has put together a four-minute tribute to the James Bond franchise, culling a tasteful selection of clips over the run of films, capturing the action, drama and romance all while ending on a note that promises much more to come. It's all overlaid by Adele's Oscar-winning "Skyfall," and it's the kind of straightforward but well-executed approach the Oscars totally dropped the ball on. So if you want to see Bond done right, wash the taste out of your mouth from whatever that was on Sunday and watch below. [Live For Films]