Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Jim Jarmusch could dive into the vampire genre and instead of focusing on the fangs and blood, use it to explore existential ennui, culture, humanity and, of course, music. "Only Lovers Left Alive" finds the writer/director at his wittiest in years, delivering one of his best movies, period. And a big part of that success is down to his two leads.

Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are front and center and are the heart and soul of "Only Lovers Left Alive" as two ancient vampires in a modern world. Adam has grown weary of his existence on Earth, failing to find anything to justify going on, while Eve continues to find beauty in a bleak world. Their relationship is wonderfully written stuff and the two actors are absolutely magnetic together, as evidenced in this clip where they dance to Denise La Salle's "Trapped By A Thing Called Love."

"Only Lovers Left Alive" arrives in theaters next year. Watch below. [Torrilla]