James Franco, Maladies

Yes, it's James Franco Project #A-9087B-X7, but we'll say this about the prolific actor/writer/director/producer -- his choices are never dull. Indeed, "Maladies" is on our list of 5 Most Anticipated Movies Of The 2013 Berlin Film Festival, and the cast, which also includes Catherine Keener and David Strathairn, is one that we'd be curious to check out in almost anything. And with subject matter such as schizophrenia and sexuality in the mix, the blend could be potent, but we have to be honest: now that the first trailer is here, we're not sure what to think.

Set in the 1960s, James Franco (kinda looking a bit like Joaquin Phoenix from "The Master" in that pic above) plays a former actor and schizophrenic who lives with his mentally detached sister Patricia (Fallon Goodson) and his cross-dressing best friend (Keener) in the same house. And as you can guess, their lifestyle, coupled with their issues, ruffles more than a few feathers both inside and outside of the house as they try to make sense of their lives.

The movie is directed by the singularly named Carter, whose previous effort was something called "Erased James Franco," which featured the actor re-interpreting scenes from his own movies and Julianne Moore's role in "Safe." WUT? We should be catching this in Berlin, so stay tuned for a review. And "Maladies" arrives at SXSW next in March, so until then, watch below.