catch 44 still

Get it!? It's like catch-22 but like, with a gun! It's a pun! Yep, "Catch .44" is the name of this (pretty much) straight-to-DVD effort starring Bruce Willis and for those of you who are bowing at the altar of Megan Ellison, let it be known that this is an Annapurna Production. Nobody is perfect.

Anyway, a trailer has arrived for the movie and you'll be forgiven if you get a straight-shot of deja vu back to the 1990s when it seemed every indie moviemaker was directing a crime-gone-wrong tale. But this is very much a 2011 release, written and directed by Aaron Harvey, that centers on a strip club waitress (Malin Akerman) who gets involved in a drug deal double cross involving a gross facial hair-wearing Willis, an absurd accent-wearing Forest Whitaker, "True Blood" star Deborah Ann Woll, "Twilight" person Nikki Reed and "Take Shelter" thesp Shea Wigham. It all feels particularly overcooked and unoriginal, right down the "Pulp Fiction" ripping bursting-out-the-diner-booth robbery thing.

But, if you're looking for brainless entertainment, we suppose you could do worse. The movie will open (probably contractually) in New York and Charlotte, North Carolina (?!) on December 9th, but will hit DVD and BluRay in time for Christmas on December 20th. Watch below. [via ComingSoon]