Way back in the summer of 2011 it was reported that veteran Daniel Auteuil would star opposite “Tell No One” and "Little White Lies" helmer/actor Guillaume Canet in the Olympic equestrian drama “Jappeloup.” And though it’s taken a while, we finally have our first look at the film.

An unsubtitled French trailer for the picture has appeared online -- find your nearest French speaker -- and it looks fitfully stirring and doesn’t betray any hint of director Christian Duguay’s previous efforts, which include everything from “Scanners III: The Takeover” to the 2000 Wesley Snipe vehicle “The Art Of War.” And even if the helmer doesn’t have the steadiest of hands, you can rest easy knowing that Canet himself has written the film, which is based on the true story of French jockey Pierre Durand, who in 1998 nursed a small black horse, the titular Jappeloup, from injury to take the gold medal at the 1998 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

“Jappeloup” will arrive in theaters in France on March 13th. No word yet on a North American release. Check out the trailer below.