The Films Of Hal Hartley

While we wait for Hal Hartley's next feature "Ned Rifle"—the finale to the "Henry Fool" trilogy that, according to IMDB, is already completed—the writer/director has another project ready to share. It's titled "My America," and a new trailer has arrived.

The project is an interesting one, and quite different from what we'd normally see from Hartley (be sure to check out The Films Of Hal Hartley: A Retrospective). This time around, the filmmaker is exploring the American psyche via twenty-one monologues written by different playwrights (including Neil LaBute, Danny Hoch, Dan Dietz and Marcus Gardley) and performed by a variety of actors including Hartley pal, Thomas Jay Ryan. And it's not just talking with rap, song, sad stories, and dramatic entries across the entire effort, and you can get a taste below.

Appropriately enough, "My America" will debut on Fandor on July 4th.