Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me

Rock 'n roll history is littered with bands that should have been more famous, that were talented far beyond what record sales indicated and more influential than any comparable arena packing artist. But few of them have endured and continue the way Big Star does. While they'll continue to fight to get recognized alongside bigger acts of the 1970s, the upcoming "Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" will hopefully finally secure their place in history. 

The film from directors Drew DeNicola and Olivia Mori, both celebrates the artistry of the group and is honesty about the troubles the band, and particularly key songwriters Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, faced over their career. The filmmakers gather up a batch of musicians -- including members of The Flaming Lips and R.E.M. -- to share their reflections on the group, along with countless more industry players, and members of Big Star themselves. For anyone looking for a good music story this summer, this looks like it will fit the bill (and yes, that is our endorsement in the trailer).

"Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" opens on July 3rd.