Hide Your Smiling Faces

While there are undoubtedly starrier titles on our list of the The 21 Best Films Of 2014 We've Already Seen, the real pleasure of moviegoing is discovering hidden gems and new talents, and that's exactly what happened last year when we stumbled across "Hide Your Smiling Faces." It's a film that we praised in our review from the Tribeca Film Festival last year as one that "skillfully articulates the inexpressible; the weird, beautiful struggle that is life," and while the movie earned an award from the National Society Of Film Critics as one of the best Films Still Awaiting U.S. Distribution, the good news is a deal has been struck. And a trailer is here to give a taste of what to expect.

Directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone, and starring Ryan Jones, Nathan Varnson, Thomas Cruz, Christina Starbuck, Colm O'Leary, and Chris Kies, the film tells the story of two adolescent brothers who grapple with life, displacement and mortality over the course of one summer when their parents move the family away and a local boy mysteriously dies. The result is something truly special, from a talent well worth keeping an eye on.

"Hide Your Smiling Faces" hits VOD on March 25th. Watch below. Poster via Tribeca Films.

Hide Your Smiling Faces, poster