Chastain, Salome

Back before Jessica Chastain was Jessica Chastain, at least one influential player recognized a comer. Before her breakout performance in Terrence Malick's "The Tree Of Life," she caught the eye of Al Pacino, who cast her in "Salomé," his film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play. However, it's taken quite awhile for the project to hit the projection booth. In fact, a documentary about making of the movie, "Wild Salomé," first screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 (our review), but now both are coming as part of a double least in the U.K.

A trailer has dropped for the "Salomé"/"Wild Salomé" double bill, bringing together the feature and documentary. As the trailer suggests, it's a unique opportunity to see an artist talk about his inspiration and insight regarding a project, and then seeing the result of that effort. It's also a chance to see a young but preternaturally confident Chastain as she displays her talents for the first time in a major way. 

For now, this is a U.K. experience only, with a screening set for Sunday, September 21st hosted by Stephen Fry, in conversation with Pacino and Chastain. Click here to see the participating cinemas that will be broadcasting the event. [Empire