Casa Di Mi Padre

Audiences will pretty much watch whatever Will Ferrell does -- unless it's an indie drama -- but the question is, will they tolerate subtitles? We'll soon find out as "Casa De Mi Padre" rides into theaters this spring, and yes, it's in Spanish.

The film features a pretty awesome cast, led by Ferrell who plays Armando Alvarez, a financially struggling ranch owner who is seemingly saved by his younger brother Raul (Diego Luna -- oddly enough, looking far less absurd here than he does in "Contraband") who is a successful international businessman. But when Armando falls for Raul's fiancée Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), Raul's shady dealings come to the fore and, well, shit happens. Gael Garcia Bernal is coming in on the fun as well, playing drug lord Onza, along with Nick Offerman (aka Ron Fucking Swanson).

Looks like it's perfectly pitched and over-the-top, and while Mexican soap operas are cited as an inspiration point, director Matt Piedmont seems to have used the genre as simply a starting point for some ridiculous fun. "Casa De Mi Padre" arrives on March 16th.