Mobius Jean Dujardin Cecile De France

Last fall, our attention was grabbed in a big way by the teaser trailer for "Mobius." Coming somewhat out of nowhere, it certainly riffed on BRAAAHM-esque, "Inception"-style marketing, but was still tantalizingly mysterious, and provided more than enough stirring imagery to intrigue us. Well, with the movie set to open overseas shortly, a longer, more traditional trailer has dropped that's no less compelling.

While the lead cast of Jean Dujardin, Tim Roth and Cecile De France is enough to make us buy a ticket, the supporting ensemble also includes Wendell Pierce (Bunk!) and Brad Leland (Buddy!) in a film that seems to be keeping the actual narrative close to the chest. But what we do know is that the picture is set in the high-stakes financial world, and follows a spy tracking down a Russian oligarch facing allegations of money laundering through his own bank. And with shooting taking place in Belgium, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Russia, and Monaco, the movie is a tri-lingual affair, featuring English, French and Russian.

"Mobius" opens in France on February 27th, and hopefully someone stateside rolls the dice and decides to release it here. Watch the trailer and check out two character posters below.