Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

Veep” is back, but will Selina’s staff make the cut for future seasons? HBO just debuted the trailer for Season 3, and in it we see “The Drew Carey Show” alum Diedrich Bader dissecting the many faults of Selina Meyer’s staff. Last season ended with the sitting, but never seen, president deciding not to run for a second term. In the trailer for this new season we see Bader’s character plotting over dinner with Meyer over how to make her “the most powerful person on Earth.”

Who will last into season 4? Will we be watching “Pres.” in 2015? Because we know Meyer’s thoughts on a second run as the Veep: “I'd rather be shot in the face than serve as vice president again. Seriously, in the fucking face."

Tune in to HBO Sunday, April 6 at 10:30 pm to discover the fate of our nation.