Veronica Mars movie

While there have been plenty of shows rejiggered for the big screen, few have had the scrutiny that will come with "Veronica Mars." It'll have to satisfy fans who petitioned for the movie and then shelled out their own cash to the Kickstarter campaign make it happen. All the while, suits in Hollywood will be watching the returns to see if this business model is viable. First and foremost, it'll have to be simply a good movie, and the first trailer is here to make the case.

Kristen Bell returns to the role that put her on the map, with Veronica hitting her 10 year high school reunion, which is just the tip of the iceberg that will bring the crime solver back into the game. Familiar faces such as Tina Majorino and Ryan Hansen pop up, and much, much more, with the trailer seeming to hit everything that longtime followers of the show want to see. But will folks who forgot the show even existed turn out too?

We'll find out on March 14th. Watch below and check out the new poster too [via Yahoo].

Veronica Mars poster