Xperia Wes Anderson

While we await Wes Anderson's Cannes-opening "Moonrise Kingdom," some of our impatience has been alleviated by the director's ad work. He got behind the camera for two ads for Hyundai that aired during the Super Bowl, and now he's lent his talents to a small, cute spot for Xperia smartphones.

In a pretty nice little move, Sony turned to kids to describe what makes smartphones so special. And the answer by the 8-year-old Jake was turned into the one-minute ad you see below. Teaming with Laika studios, the animation house behind "Coraline" and the upcoming "ParaNorman," the stop motion animated spot imagines tons of tiny robots inside the smartphone, getting the job done of bringing the media and data to our screens. It's pretty charming stuff and really beautifully done. Watch the teaser ad first, followed by the whole thing below. [via Movies]