Wes Anderson Jason Schwartzman Rushmore

How quickly things change. Remember Borders? It seems every town in America had one, but the company that once had 1200 stores, closed its doors in 2011 forever. But we have a bit of history today from when they were still alive and kicking.

Back in 2008, right around the time "The Darjeeling Limited" was hitting home video, Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman made a pretty loose and funny video for Borders, that had them flipping through the CD and DVD sections of the store. The pair basically trade off duties, with Schwartzman mostly leading the music portion (he digs The Band, Feist, Beach Boys, Islands and more) and Anderson giving his thoughts on movies -- everything from Akira Kurosawa's "The Bad Sleep Well" to "Spanglish" to "Hud" to "300." Yes, "300."

It's pretty fun trip down memory so give it a whirl below. The pair will next work together on "The Grand Budapest Hotel." [Fanpop!]